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What can you do when client communication and trust breaks down?

10 principles for effective communication


A recent conversation reminded me about these principles I came up with a while ago. Kind of. My 10 principles for effective communication are inspired by Dieter Rams' 10 principles for good design. Which means I pretty much copied them, relating them to writing and communication - Dieter Rams is a hero of mine.


Effective communication:

  • Makes the product/service understandable – Copy and other promotion should be self-explanatory. Prospective customers should know exactly what they are getting.
  • Is unobtrusive – The product/service should take centre-stage, not the copywriting, design or promotion.
  • Is honest – No outrageous claims or promises.
  • Is long-lasting - It avoids fads and trends, and thereby lasts for many years.
  • Is thorough down to the last detail – Research and attention to detail show respect to the client and consumer. Both should go without saying.
  • Is succinct – It should ‘say more with less.’ It should focus on the essential aspects, keeping it simple, honest, and effective.
  • Is innovative – Every project, and every client, is unique. Good communication should highlight the personality of the client and project in an innovative, attractive and effective manner.
  • Makes a product/service useful – If prospective customers don’t feel that the product or service is useful, and therefore worth using, the marketing and promotion fails.
  • Is aesthetic – Aesthetics are a big part of communication. Attractive layouts, font choices, use of images – and more – all go towards creating effective, useful communicative materials.
  • Is environmentally friendly – Promotional materials should be chosen to have the least impact on the environment as possible.


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