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Happy New Year

3 simple tips for a minimalist approach to New Year sales


New Year sales can tempt you into buying things you don't need, but you can avoid the temptation using three simple tips.

1) Only buy to replace

Yeah, that shirt or TV might seem like a bargain, but do you really need it?

If you're actively looking to replace something that you need in your life, then buying something in a sale can make sense. If not, you should probably leave that money in the bank.

2) Think

Sales are a terrible time to go shopping when you really think about it. We're spending money in the misguided belief that we're saving.

Sales are also a terrible time to fall prey to impulse purchasing. So spend some time thinking about the purchase before you make it. Again, do you really need it, or do you just really want it.

3) Set limits

One way to avoid overspending or making impulse purchases is to set yourself limits before you even set foot in a shop.

This could be a monetary limit, a limit on the number of items you're allowing yourself to buy, a limit on the number of shops you can visit, what items you can buy, or whatever you like. You just need to exercise the self-control to stick to them.


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