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15th Anniversary INFOBAR xv


The Infobar by au is my favourite phone. I owned three of them and loved every one.

My wife and I changed carriers from au to SoftBank a while ago (they gave us a bunch of cash for doing so), and from Android to iPhone a little before that.

iPhones are fine. They're simple, relatively nicely designed, and work well most of the time. But, like most phones recently, they're pretty uninspiring to look at. That's why the new Infobar xv, launched to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the original - looks so special. It's once again designed by Naoto Fukasawa and au actually conducted a public survey to find out what people wanted in a smartphone, which I think is brilliant.

Turns out not everybody is enamoured with the latest technology, and lots of people prize design. And buttons! God, I miss buttons. I think the newest iPhone is a bloody eyesore (iSore? Hohoho) and completely unimaginative - it's just a big screen.

That's why come autumn, when the Infobar xv is due to go on sale, I'll be thinking very carefully about ditching the iPhone and getting one of these.


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I'm with you on those buttons. Do you know the expected price? Great design also should be cost effective.

No word on the price just yet, but judging by past Infobars it'll be cheaper than the iPhone.

The only Apple product I ever purchased was an iPod, and that was for a teenager that had to have one - $250 for a hollow piece of plastic with memory storage and ear buds. The production cost could not have been more than $20.
I expect the phones go the same way. I always thought it amazing that so many are willing to pay an exorbitant price for something soon to be obsolete and they know that when they do it. Outstanding hucksterism and a great business plan.

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