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Everybody Lies - A scary and amusing look at how the internet reveals who we really are

Everybody Lies

It's clear from the first few pages of Everybody Lies that author Seth Stephens-Davidowitz isn't planning to pull any punches. He freely uses expletives and the N-word (I'm choosing not to), and it quickly becomes apparent why: people show exactly who they are on the internet.

On page 14 (of my copy), for example, the author reveals that "[a]reas that supported [Donald] Trump in the largest numbers were those that made the most Google searches for [the N-word]."

That night not shock a great deal of people, but it really should. Stephens-Davidowitz provides a huge amount of evidence to show that people are searching for such terms because the anonymity of the internet allows them to be their unfettered selves. On the internet, data shows, people tend to expose their fears, concerns, questions, and prejudices.

The book doesn't just cover racism - thankfully - as the author discusses subjects as varied as sex, violence, best places to raise kids, abuse, health, success, and much more. And it's not all doom and gloom, as the book is peppered with humorous statistics, revelations, and anecdotes.

All in all, it's a thoroughly researched and very well written book that entertains as much as it informs. Highly recommended.


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