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Can you call yourself a designer when the last time you did any work for a client is over a year ago? I've decided that for me, the answer is no. And that's a relief.

Over the last few years, I've been turning down much more design work than I've been accepting, while at the same time accepting more and more writing work. For a while now, I've been telling myself that because I spend most of my time working in education, it doesn't leave me much time to do any design work. I figured I'd probably get back to it at some point.

Fast forward a few years and I've realised that I spend so much time working in education, and focusing more on writing and editing work, because I enjoy it. A lot. That would explain why I've taken on an increasing amount of university and school work, together with an average of two or three big writing projects a year, compared to basically three design projects in the last five years.

Although I still like design - as in looking at it - I've lost interest in actually doing it.

For these and other reasons, I've decided to make my decision to stop accepting client design work official. Rather than still being basically available for design projects, it's something I simply no longer do. And it's a weight off my shoulders.

Any freelance work I do from hereon in will focus on writing and editing, which I've never grown bored of.

As with the change in direction the website has been taking recently, I feel comfortable and happy with what I'm doing, and this also feels right.



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