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The new Canyon Grail is certainly different


I've always kind of fancied a Canyon bike because, if nothing else, they look unlike pretty much anything else out there. I've also heard from people who own one that they're brilliant bikes.

Then someone pointed me to the new Grail gravel/adventure bike because I'm looking for that kind of thing. I'm just not sure I'm looking for this kind of thing.


Yes, the handlebars really look like that. It's called the "Hover Bar" and it's designed to absorb vibrations and thereby make your ride smoother. There's also a special seat post and wheel/tyre combination to further iron out any bumps.


I want a bike to stick bags on for commuting and bikepacking, and the Grail delivers. Canyon teamed up with Topeak for some pretty nice bags, although I think I'd still prefer panniers for longer trips and camping.

There's also the option to change the width of the tyres depending on whether you'll primarily be riding on- or off-road, and the geometry looks nice for longer rides.

I'd love to test ride one because, as the Grail starts at the not-too-extortionate price of ¥249,000 here in Japan, I might just be tempted.

I think I'll wait and see what people make of those bars first, though.


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