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Sumitomo plans to build world's tallest timber tower in Tokyo


Sumitomo Forestry plans to build the world's tallest timber structure in Tokyo to mark the company's 350th anniversary in 2041.

According to the press release, the aim is to "create environmentally-friendly and timber-utilizing cities [which] become forests through increased use of wooden architecture for high-rise buildings."


The renderings for the building, which will be a hybrid wood and steel structure made from 90% wooden materials, look great, although I do have a soft spot for wood.

Due to the anniversary, the number 350 features rather prominently, as the building is named W350 (which I'm guessing represents the rather unimaginative Wood 350) and will stand 350 metres tall, with 70 storeys of stores, offices, hotels, and residences.

The W350 is being designed in collaboration with Nikken Sekkei, which coincidentally designed one of the very nice buildings I used to work in.


The building will feature balconies and an abundance of greenery so that "people can enjoy fresh outside air, rich natural elements and sunshine filtering through foliage".

Given that central Tokyo doesn't really inspire immediate images of "fresh outside air", the addition of greenery in any setting is a good thing.

And if this website is still going in 2041, I promise to pop along and take a few pictures.


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