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First Diet Coke, now Samsung - in the space of a week.

Big companies are keen to sink their claws into Millennials and get them to cough up for their goods, and if the last couple of design examples are anything to go by, they're aiming to snag them with minimalism.

The VL3 and VL5 by Samsung are speakers with detachable magnetic controls, which look lovely.

Then, to kind of ruin that minimalism - although arguably in keeping with the clunky "hip with the kids" copywriting that often accompanies this kind of thing - Samsung offer this explanation:

"Instead of owning music, Millennials enjoy their tunes as a way of everyday life. They are not confined to a particular time or space when listening to music, and pursue a life that always flows with their favorite melodies in the background."

"Their favorite melodies?" Totally rad.


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