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Diet Coke rebrand


Coca-Cola has rebranded Diet Coke (kind of) by changing the design of the cans and adding four "bold" new flavours: Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango, Zesty Blood Orange, and Feisty Cherry.

And, before I go on, those names...

For a start, why is it that Ginger Lime doesn't get a nickname? Why not Cheeky Ginger Lime, Spicy Ginger Lime, or Crazy Ginger Lime? Also, "bold" must be one of the most overused words in branding. There's nothing bold about any of the flavours.

Then there are the taglines to go along with the new flavours, and once again Ginger Lime seems like the odd one out.

Diet Coke because it's fizzing delicious. (I like that one.)

Twisted Mango because sane mangoes are boring. (What?)

Zesty Blood Orange because zesty is besty. (Yes, really. Oof.)

Feisty Cherry because cherries aren't so innocent. (Oh, come on...)

And finally...

Ginger Lime because ginger and lime are friends. (Ginger Lime apparently didn't inspire a great deal of creativity.

The cans look nice. They're minimal and well-designed, except for the illustrations which could be a lot better. There also could be a concern with display, as I'd imagine they'd have to be aligned properly to be instantly recognisable. That wouldn't be a problem if the cans had a horizontal stripe rather than a vertical one, as the packaging seems to have.


Having the word 'Coke' wrapped around the cans, as they appear on the packaging, seems like a better idea to me, and also seems more in keeping with the Coca-Cola brand.

The company explained the new look like this:

“We know Diet Coke has all kinds of fans – from people who have loved its great taste since it launched in 1982 to Millennial men and women who are always looking to try new things. We’re modernizing what has made Diet Coke so special for a new generation. The same unapologetic confidence still comes through and the same great Diet Coke taste people love is here to stay, but we’re making the brand more relatable and more authentic.”'

I'm not sure how this is more "relatable and authentic" and had no idea that Diet Coke is associated with "unapologetic confidence."

Anyway, I think the design is nice, sleek, and minimal, and the new flavours may well be lovely.

I also like the fact that an independent design studio, UK-based Kenyon Weston, was involved in the rebrand. It's great to see smaller studios working with huge companies, and I hope it leads to a lot more work for them.

At the same, I really do wish marketing departments would tone down some of the language they use, and talk like normal people for a change.



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