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Choosing a great commuting/touring bike

Trek 1120

One of my bikes has recently died, which obviously means I've already started dreaming about the next one I'd like to buy.

My wife suggested simply making do with the other two bikes I have (four, if you count the shopping bike we share, and the BMX my son has claimed), and after I'd stopped laughing I realized she was serious, so I'm seriously considering it as an option. At least in the short term.

I want something to commute on, but I also want something that's going to give me the minimal amount of hassle.

But that's only telling part of the story. Ideally, I want something that would be great for commuting on, and would also be great for touring. Basically, something like the lovely Trek 1120, pictured above, which nearly features everything I'd like.

As I said, I want a solid bike with a minimal amount of hassle, which for me means:

Racks front and rear

Decent size tyres, suitable for road and trail

No suspension (front is okay, at a push)

Ideally single speed

No disc brakes

So far I'm not having much luck. I was considering adding bits and pieces to my old Giant that's just died, but getting cheap parts in Japan is difficult, so it's probably easier and more cost-effective to buy something new.

In the meantime, I might stick my racks on my road bike - along with fatter tyres - for touring, and use fixed gear bike for commuting.

Any alternative ideas would be much appreciated.



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