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Happy New Year!

Choosing happy


Recently I was thinking about things that make me happy, like:

Spending time with my family.

Being outdoors.

Reading great books.


Solving problems.

Walking, riding my bike, and running.

Eating great food.

Simplicity, tidiness, and minimalism.



And then I thought about the things that make me unhappy, like:

Spending too much time in one place, or on one thing.

Being stuck indoors.

Petty rules and regulations.



Wasting time and money.

Having little or no control over my career.

Depression and anxiety.


I'd much rather be happy than unhappy, but I can't help feeling that I haven't been doing myself any favours with some of the choices I make, such as:

Eating crap food.

Not exercising.

Not spending enough time with my family.

Not spending enough time on the things I really like.

Wasting too much time (and money) in pubs, and on alcohol in general.


And much more.


I promise that's the final list of this post.

My point is, we have a finite number of years on the planet, so we should be making the most of them. That's why things are about to change around here.

That's why I'm choosing happy. And more on that soon.



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