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1967 Toyota 2000GT for sale


The Toyota 2000GT is one of those cars I always fancied driving, although the one pictured above is not about to end up in my driveway.

Although I think it looks fantastic, with an asking price of between $600,000-700,000, it's more than a little out of my price range.


As you'd expect for that sort of money, it's in immaculate condition and I learnt some things about its development:

The 2000GT’s story starts not with Toyota but with Yamaha, who decided to design a sports car after years of producing motorcycles. Yamaha first marketed its design to Nissan, who ended up not taking on the project, so the car was then marketed to Toyota, who saw this tiny little sports car as an opportunity to shed its reputation of producing rather conservatively designed automobiles. Some inside the company might have considered this move to be a gamble for a company who had never sold such an automobile, but it was clear that the 2000GT could give Toyota and Yamaha’s designers and engineers a chance to compete on the world stage.


If, unlike me, you've got a ton of money and fancy a bit of automotive history, you can bid for the car here.


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