F1 might have a new logo soon
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F1 really has got a new logo


Liberty Media, the people who now control Formula One, have introduced a new logo for the sport.

And it's, well, erm... Having followed the sport for years, I can't help but wonder if anyone involved in creating this has ever watched a race.

It's supposed to say "F1", I presume, but if you didn't know that, it could be "FI", "r1", "rI", or even a kind of stylized "A".

It even comes with gradients and drop-shadow.


Then there's the video. According to the people at Wieden + Kennedy, who designed everything, the "impetus has been to really make it more fan-focused, to understand that that is the heart and soul and future of the sport". (Creative Review covers it all in much more depth - well worth a read.)

That looks more like a promo for an F1 video game than for the sport itself. Where are the cars, the drivers, the fans?

As I said the other day, I think updating the original logo would have been better.

Speaking of the original, Carter Wong graciously bid farewell to the iconic logo they created, adding that they "wish the rebrand well and look forward to seeing how it rolls out across the different F1 platforms."

So I'll stop being so bitchy and say that I wish the same.


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