It's winter!
New logo for the Japan Football Association

Canada Snowboard by Hulse & Durrell


Canada's Hulse & Durrell have added another gem to their already impressive collection of brilliant sporting designs, this time for Canada Snowboard.

If not immediately obvious from the image pictured above, the emblem contains three elements:

"A snowy mountain represents the field of play. The inverted maple leaf reflects Canada and the counterculture roots of snowboarding. And, a black diamond, the most badass run on the mountain."


In case it's a bit too minimalist for you in those images, the team also mixed in "90s-inspired gradients, 80s-inspired patterns and 70s-inspired typography" to produce clothing and colours like this:


As I'm now in my forties and well aware of my own lack of coordination, it's incredibly unlikely I'll be hitting the slopes anytime soon (although the last time I tried I literally hit the slopes - and a group of schoolchildren), but even I wouldn't mind one of these hats:


All in all it's another win from one of my favourite agencies.

See more on the project page.


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