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Why are smartphone designs so boring?


You know something's wrong when you look at the new Google Pixel phones and think "ooh, that's different." They're only different because they're not black and exactly the same as every other bloody smartphone out there.

Let's face it, smartphone design is crap.

I'm a minimalist, and even I think they're about as interesting as watching paint dry. Actually, some paint would be nice. Anything would be nice.

Nowadays people don't just buy covers for their phones to protect the ridiculously fragile contraptions, but also to give them a hint of character, and that's a problem.

Look at some of the design's from Japan's au Design Project, which featured the likes of Naoto Fukusawa and Marc Newson:


I would choose any of these over today's dull smartphones, and I wish I'd never stopped using my Infobar.

I've never been a super-techy kind of person, so I genuinely couldn't give a toss about gigabytes and all the rest. I'm not saying people into that are wrong, but why not cater to those of us who'd prefer to have a phone that looks nice and doesn't smash into bits if you look at it the wrong way.

The design of the new iPhone is soporifically uninspiring, and my overuse of the bloody things, combined with their shitty battery life and fragility is making me question whether I want to keep using one or go back to a "dumb" phone.

Seeing as how the design of them is genuinely terrible, I would much prefer to go without a few apps for something that looks nice and works well, even if I drop it in the dirt while out running.

When flip-phones all but replaced the original bar-type mobiles, projects like the one from au changed things up by pushing design to the forefront. Another project like it is way over due.

We deserve better design, not just the same old crap with a bit more technology.


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Couldn't agree more.

I am kind of looking for a new phone right now, because my old BlackBerry is being super-slow lately and I can't really get use of it. But there's no way to find any good-looking phone out there - there are thousands of them and they all look the same to me. The only design feature of the phones that's changed in the past 10 years (or so) is Newer phones = Bigger screens, and that's pretty sad.
Technology could (and should) be creative.

The only solution seems to create a company that makes custom-looking phones to fit personal needs :)


Custom-looking phones sounds like a great solution to me!

Should we get designing?

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