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Stunning wood design by Adrian Martinus


Calgary, Alberta based brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool use mainly rescued and reclaimed wood to create some of the most lovely designs you're likely to see.

Much of that wood comes from skateboards, as they couldn’t bear to see the beautiful laminated wood of damaged skateboards simply discarded - which I can completely understand -  so by 2014, they'd formed their own company to focus on designing with rescued and reclaimed wood.


And, my word, what beautiful designs they are. Look at those rolling pins, above. Yes, rolling pins. If I had rolling pins like that in my kitchen I'd do a lot more baking. Well, I'd at least think about baking while looking at them.


The brothers call the philosophy behind their design "modern sustainability" and aside from broken skateboards they use aged barn boards and recycled gymnasium flooring to create sustainable, modern, well-designed, and high quality furniture, furnishings and art pieces.

Not only that, but the brothers regularly connecting with designers, craftspeople, skateboard retailers, builders, farmers and renovators to maintain their supply of unique and storied material, and develop a helpful and reciprocative community.


Find out more on the Adrian Martinus Custom Woodworking website.


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