Fyren house by Omar Gandhi
Nalu by Studio Saxe

Minimalist juice cartons


While having a bit of a rest from a big writing project I'm working on, I poured myself a glass of orange juice and noticed that the carton it came in was annoying me a bit.

First of all, it was really busy and cluttered, which turns me off at the best of times. Second, it said a lot without saying much at all. It made me start thinking about what I wanted to know about juice when I first look at, and I narrowed it down to 2 main things: what flavour is it and how natural is it?

Other details could be put on the back or sides to avoid clutter.

Without giving it a great deal more thought, I spent a couple of minutes with Illustrator and came up with a very simple idea for juice cartons (above). I'm not entirely sure why, but occasionally these little exercises are fun and can end up leading to something more productive.


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