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A fun "eye test" for designers


Designers are supposed to have an eye for things that don't look right, and a few people have said I'm a bit 'OCD' with my attention to detail. I happen to think what some people say are 'tiny details' can make all the difference.

Anyway, that's why this test posted on Core 77 caught my eye, and I decided to take it.

My result? See for yourself (their words, not mine):


100% OCD Sensitive


You have a killer eye for spotting the tiniest, most invisible inaccuracies, errors and mistakes. And it's very important to you to correct them :)

This special combination is what makes you a perfectionist in everything you do. It's great that you want things to go the right way and always ready to fight for it, but you also need to give yourself a break sometimes. It's hard (and not always necessary) to be 100% perfect all the time.


I have to admit, I was happy!



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