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Isolationism and ignorance with a side of covfefe

Enjoy it while you can

"The desire to be a politician should be enough to ban you from ever becoming one"

~ Billy Connolly

The USA now stands alone in pulling out of the Paris Accord.

The only other countries not party to the accord are Syria, for obvious reasons, and Nicaragua, who feel that the agreement doesn't go far enough.

The world's second-biggest polluter is now run by a man who seems willfully ignorant of science, facts and pretty much everything else. The world's biggest polluter, China, is now poised to take the lead in pushing for environmentally friendly energy sources and solutions.

Trump, when he's not confusing climate with weather, has called climate change - amongst other things - a Chinese “hoax” and “expensive… bullshit”. Contrast that with what Chinese president Xi Jinping said earlier this year:

“[T]here is only one Earth in the universe and we mankind have only one homeland”.

“The Paris agreement is a milestone in the history of climate governance. We must ensure this endeavor is not derailed."

The Chinese government reaffirmed their commitment to the agreement as Trump pulled out, as did the EU and a host of other countries. New French president Emmanuel Macron made an excellent speech, pledging to "make our planet great again."

What a covfefe

It's the latest in a long line of remarkably myopic, ignorant, arrogant and isolationist actions by Trump and his sycophantic administration.

He's offended allies, brazenly lied about all manner of things, tried to assert his fragile masculinity with awkward aggressive handshakes, shoved other world leaders out of the way, and smugly displayed his general misunderstanding of matters he really should be informed about, ranging from geography to international security.

His now infamous unfinished tweet, with the much-mocked neologism "covfefe", is the latest example of a president who is unpredictable at best and unstable at worst.

He and his isolationist supporters say that they're putting America first, and the rest of the world should butt out. Unfortunately, that's not how the world works.

The actions of the US government, from selling arms and ordering military strikes overseas, to reneging on deals and agreements, have global impact. It's the same with other countries, of course, but not to the extent of the US.

That's why, although I'm not particularly political, I'm writing this.

I studied law, especially public international law and the use of force, and I've seen how failures to think long-term lead to disaster. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are two recent examples.

The same will be true of the environment if Trump sticks to his archaic, misguided views. The future of energy is not fossil fuels. They've wreaked untold damage on the environment already and are quickly running out.

Like most things that politicians do, it's the poorest and most disadvantaged who will lose out.

But while those same politicians are having their pockets lined by rich industrialists, they don't give a shit.



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