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Crafted with light and oxygen: adidas announces first mass-produced 3D printed shoes


Why would you want a pair of training shoes 3D printed just for you, except to brag about it in the pub?

Well, your feet are unique - just like the rest of you - meaning that they react differently to shoes than pretty much most other people.

That's the idea behind adidas FUTURECRAFT (their capitalization, not mine), aimed at mass-producing high-performance footwear with unique midsoles for each runner.


I'm not going to pretend I have a clue about the technology involved, or what "crafted with light and oxygen" means, but I like running and I'm genuinely intrigued. If these shoes turn out to be as good as adidas is making out then, once my broken foot allows me to run again, I might seriously give them a look.

Well, that depends on the price, which is yet to be announced.

More information on the adidas website.


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