It's been a little too minimalist around these parts
Immersed birds by Moisés Hernández Design Studio

New work: Simply Put /


Simply Put is a personal project for a series of books written by me and maybe other people. For now, just by me.

The plan is to produce concise, straightforward books about things like design, branding, communication and possibly even subjects like law.


Not to toot my own horn too much, but I receive compliments on my ability to explain things clearly, which greatly helps when advising clients and teaching.

The concept behind the series is to carry that clear language into books that people can read and learn from, without being bombarded with jargon or talked down to. Rather than just continue to release e-books with random designs, I wanted to make a series with an identifiable theme - simplicity - and look.


The covers are minimalist, obviously, and I went with pastels because they look nice. The blocks of colour were originally straight, but when I played around with them I liked the angles better. The inclusion of the / creates a break between the series title, book title, and author name. And I think it looks nice.

I chose Baskerville for the font because it's classic, unpretentious and I want people to believe I know what I'm on about and that the stuff in the books is true. It remains almost entirely unmodified.


A standalone site is under construction, and I'm in the process of updating both the content of the books and the covers.

They're currently available exclusively on the Kindle store and they're very cheap. So go mental and buy them all!

Please. :)