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Ali Cola by loved & thjnk: Cheers to tolerance


I love great branding for good causes, especially when it's minimal.

Back in 2012, German politician Thilo Sarrazin suggested that intelligence is genetically inherited and people of colour inherit less. In protest, Aydin Umutlu from Hamburg invented his own cola - Ali Cola - as a pro-integration statement. 

Umutlu wanted to produce something that "responds to prejudice and clichés with irony and humor. The slogan: cheers to tolerance."


The cola is available in six 'skin' colours, although the taste is exactly the same to emphasise that no matter the colour of our skin, we're all the same inside.

The concept and branding were developed by loved and thjnk, topped off with some great copywriting.


As I said at the start, Ali Cola isn't just a protest product the owner is cashing in on: through every drink sold they support Kiron, and NGO that cuts red tape and helps refugees earn qualifications through online courses and partner universities.



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