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Logo and Identity for Courmayeur by Interbrand (and Interbrand by Interbrand)


Courmayeur is a town and commune in northern Italy, located at the foot of the southern side of Mont Blanc, for which it shares administration. It looks like an amazing place and I'd love to visit one day.

But this is more about the new identity designed by Interbrand, which also looks brilliant. I love the unconventional type (following the shape of Mont Blanc), plus the website, posters and other items are just lovely.

I seriously want one of these mugs.


All in all, it's a triumph and makes me want to head to the mountains even more than usual.

Speaking of Interbrand, they've just rolled out a new logo which is rather more subdued. It's basically their name written in a slightly modified Helvetica. And I really like it.


It's simple, clean and does the job. It also really helps to highlight client work on the website, which is a great thing.

You don't go into a bakery to admire the shelves, so this simple, effective logo says "we work hard to make you look good." And that's a good thing.


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