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Spots open on our Branding & Communication Training & Consulting Program

We now have a limited number of spots open on our Branding & Communication Training & Consulting Program.

If you're looking to clarify, define and develop your goals and aims, and create and maintain a strong, flexible brand for your company, this program is for you.

We offer a highly-personalized program covering everything related to your branding and communication, including:

Logo design
Website design & layout
Stationery design
Short and long-term goals
Defining and developing your tone of voice
Marketing and promotion strategy
Social media
and much more

Apply what you learn immediately - and see results - and stay informed and involved in all your branding and marketing decisions. You'll learn why each part of the branding process is not only relevant, but incredibly valuable.

Contact us now to get started. Places usually fill soon and we only work with a small number of clients at a time.

Email us at: editor[at]storm-from-the-east[dot]com.