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Some recent work

One thing we're planning to do more of this year is share some of the work we've been up to, so here are a couple of projects we've been involved in.

Working hard


Panasonic launched its new line of Viera TVs in Europe earlier this year and we were asked by a partner agency to help translate and edit their marketing materials. We were further tasked with coming up with a phrase that could neatly express the feeling of having tons of technology used in Hollywood in a TV plonked in your living room. We came up with "Bringing Hollywood Home".


Sony is launching a new range of products (which we can't talk about) and we're involved in translation and writing. As with Panasonic, the aim is to express the benefits and selling points in a simple, self-explanatory and effective way.

Language materials

We're creating a new line of language learning materials aimed at elementary school and junior high school students in Japan and overseas. This is a self-initiated project which we're expanding in 2016.