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Get moving to get more creative

You might not be getting the most out of your creative potential if you spend all day sitting at a desk. Science is backing up what many people who ride a bike, go for a run, or do any other form of aerobic exercise probably already know: exercise can help you think freely and become more creative.


One study found that exercise "potentially provides tangible improvements to creative productivity" and that companies "that encourage aerobic exercise for employees may yield increases in creative output and innovation in product development, promotion, operations management, and many other areas."

Another article on Psychology Today backs up what I notice when I run or cycle for a while: I start to think freely, ideas flow and come naturally, and I'm often able to solve problems I was struggling with.

One problem can be potentially forgetting the ideas as they come, and you can easily remedy that by carrying a little notebook or writing/dictating notes onto your phone.

So next time you're struggling for a bit of inspiration or a new idea, get out of your chair and do some exercise. It might not only be your health that improves.


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