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Autumn smiles and autumn specials


I love autumn pretty much anywhere in the world, especially here in Japan.

We can say goodbye to the heat, humidity, bugs and mould of the summer and enjoy crisp mornings, warm days and cool evenings. And no bloody mosquitoes. It's a brilliant season to enjoy the outdoors and exercise.

As the weather's changing for the better, I've noticed a load of autumn sales and special offers popping up here and there, and it got me thinking: I've very rarely seen designers, writers or editors offering special offers. They probably do - it's not like I search very hard - but I don't remember seeing it.

So, we've decided to. We usually charge by the hour (more on that in the next post) and until winter starts getting its frosty fingers into us, we're knocking a full 30% off our fees. That means we'll design something for you, write something, edit something or give you some advice for only 70% of what you'll pay when the snow starts falling. (I'm good at maths, me.)

We're keeping the offer opens until the end of November, and even if you ask us to start a project on November 30, you'll still get the 30% off. Send us an email now and let us know how we can help.

Happy autumn!


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