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Introducing Field Notes

For every solution there's a problem

Criticizing is easy, and so is using negative language.

The worrying part is that you could be using wording with negative connotations without realizing it. You could be implying that there's a problem (a negative) by saying that you offer solutions (a positive). Sadly, this could put potential clients subconsciously on the defensive and affect the dynamics of your working relationship.

The potential client might not want something designing, editing or writing because there's a problem with what they have. They may want such services to improve their existing work, seek new opportunities, or simply to get some advice.

Everybody is looking for a positive outcome - including you - so using language that emphasizes that positive outcome could have a huge impact on how the work goes. This can get overlooked when we're focusing on the process and potential pitfalls, rather than taking the long view and emphasizing the positive impact a project can have.

Avoiding negative language and thinking requires a lot of effort and experience and tangible results have shown me it's overwhelmingly worth it. As soon as you can see the results of the approach, it becomes far easier to show clients the benefits.

Above all, it shows that you're genuine about wanting to help.