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Tips for saving paper

Some statistics about saving paper and a few tips to reduce the amount of paper you use in the office.

If One Ton (1000kg) Of Paper Is Recycled:

- 17 trees are saved

- 460 gallons (1800 litres) of oil are saved

- 8 cubic feet of landfill space is saved

- Air emissions are decreased by 95 percent

Some simple tips for saving paper

The average office worker could save 475 sheets of paper per year by reducing their margins from the default setting of 3cm to 1.5cm. If 10,000 people switch to 1.5cm margins, in a year we could preserve more than an acre of trees (around 4050 square metres). (

- Print documents ONLY when absolutely necessary.

- Adjust the margins on paper and use smaller fonts (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.) and smaller font sizes.

- Print 2-sided whenever possible.

- Proof new documents on screen before printing.

- Use electronic filing systems rather than paper.

- Recycle all used paper and paper products.

- Start a paper efficiency programme. (‘Paper Footprint’ – all staff monitor how much paper they use).

- Have paperless meetings.

- Use old paper for taking notes.


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