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Let's just dig the whole Grand Canyon up

The Grand Canyon
Hmm... Needs a mine or two.

I don't live near the Grand Canyon. I've never even been there. But I do think it's a natural wonder, a magnificent sight to behold, and I don't want people dicking about with it. Mining there is, in my mind, dicking about with it.

The Guardian reports that a uranium mine will start operating very close the South Rim entrance. That means visitors will be treated to a site where "they will remove all vegetation and install a catchment pond, two mine shafts and a metal building", amounting to "a fairly impressive imposition on an otherwise undisturbed landscape." Not only that, it could end up polluting one of two sources to the Grand Canyon. Lovely.

But let's not be too hasty in stamping our feet and saying it's unfair. We need uranium, after all. How else would we make bombs, nuclear power plants and shit? Bollocks to all that tree-hugging hippy crap like solar power and other clean energy sources, let's just keep digging and drilling for finite sources that we can go to war over. Who knows what else the land is hiding? There might be oil, gas, diamonds and all sorts of lovely stuff buried there. Why stop at mining? Let's just dig the whole thing up.


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