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New brand identity for Polaroid Originals


Now that you see far more people taking pictures with their phones than real cameras, it's nice to see interest in something refreshingly nostalgic, yet still perfectly functional.

I thought that Polaroid had stopped producing cameras, which it kind of has but hasn't. In short, I don't completely understand what Polaroid does or doesn't do nowadays, but this article on The Verge gives a good explanation of how the Polaroid instant camera came, went, and came back again.


The new brand is Polaroid Originals and the logo is lovely. It's obviously recognizable as Polaroid, and the colours have been used in a clever way to evoke the classic Polaroid picture. The use of uppercase and lowercase and the spacing of the letters in the two words jarred a little at first, but now I really like how the entire logo has been put together.

And now, just because it's absolutely splendid, look at some of the research material the design team went through:


You can spot the new Polaroid logo in there, too, which hints more towards the digital direction the company is taking, and also a feast of Swiss design-looking beauties from the past.

All this has got me thinking about dusting my old Polaroid camera off and maybe getting my kids to take some snaps.


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