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But do I need the Light Phone?


I've just got back from a very relaxing short holiday with my family, and one of the most relaxing things was almost never looking at my phone.

Aside from checking the time to make sure we didn't miss breakfast or dinner in the hotel, I basically left the phone in our room and spent the days enjoying the ocean and playing with my kids.


It was a relief not to be checking mail or catching up on depressing news all the time, and it got me thinking again about the Light Phone.

I'll admit that I really like the look of it. It's super minimalist and that naturally appeals to me, as does the fact that it's not a hyper-connected smartphone - it's literally just a phone.

But as I've spent the last few years of my life downsizing and focusing on needs rather than wants, it struck me that I don't really need the Light Phone. In fact, I could achieve a similar peace of mind with my iPhone with just a couple of adjustments, namely:

1) Delete unnecessary apps

2) Stop using it so much

I like using mail, including free services like LINE, so I don't want to lose that feature. The only social media (besides this blog) that I use is Instagram, which I could happily do without, and I could also happily do without checking the internet every five minutes.

I've found that checking my phone has become a habit that, like smoking, I'll be happier and healthier without. So rather than changing my phone - or rather getting another, as Light Phone is a second phone, not a replacement - I'm going to be changing the way I use my current one.

Having said that, I still like the look of it.



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