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World Design Weeks identity and logo by Mucho


World Design Weeks is a new "network for design weeks and festivals around the globe." The current membership stands at nine festivals - see below - and more members are expected.


I resisted a second round of eye-rolling for the week when I read that their mission is "to elevate the global conversation, understanding, education and connection of people with design", because it's a bloody good mission. And I agree with his sentiment:

These can feel like scary times. The spectres of nationalism, populism and protectionism loom larger than ever. Creativity and innovation oppose this trend. New thoughts and ideas only emerge when we’re open and collaborative. Closed systems stagnate. Open systems flourish.

The logo and identity has been designed by Barcelona-based Mucho and I happen to think it's lovely.


The identity is centred on a slash, angled at 23.5°, which is inspired by the tilt of the Earth's axis. It's a nice touch and is completely fitting for a global network. Also, considering the importance of the the Earth's tilt, it accentuates the importance of understanding, education and connection.


The slash is used throughout the identity to separate elements, pinpoint locations, and also as a background element.


It's all very minimal, very fitting, and very nice.


Yeah, that blue is kind of everywhere at the moment, and it's not too kind on the retinas, but it's in keeping with what the network stands for and is contrasted with a more eyeball-friendly grey.

All in all, I think it's a winner.

NOTE: Tokyo Design Week 2017 is cancelled due to the tragic death of a five-year-old boy at last year's event.

(Images from the Mucho project page).



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