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Lovely new logo and identity for Consortiq by Salad Creative


I'm not really into drones, but the new logo and identity for Consortiq (a company that specializes in "integrated drone solutions") is wonderful.

Designed by London-based Salad Creative, the identity revolves around a simple and beautiful logo that can be read as a split Q or a C and Q. It's minimalist, memorable and looks great.


As if that wasn't enough, it's all backed up by some beautiful photography and genuinely splendid cards, brochures and other bits and bobs.

Look at these brochures!


And look at these business cards! That yellow detailing...


So, yeah, I'm smitten. In fact I'm so smitten that I'll even overlook the use of "solutions", which usually makes me roll my eyes so much you can only see the whites.

And in case you're wondering, yes, the website is equally as good as the rest of the identity.

See the whole gorgeous kit and caboodle on the Salad Creative project page.



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