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Avocados aren't only for hipsters, right?

I say that because I don't reckon the average hipster is a climate change denier. I could be wrong, but they're the ones who don't seem to mind paying extra for fair trade and environmentally friendly products.

For that they deserve applause, not derision, because it's people who give a toss about the planet (and science) that will help ensure it's around for our grandkids. And, hopefully, there will still be some food and drink to sustain them.

You see, one of the many consequences of climate change is not only animals dying out in droves, but also a potential massive change in how foods are grown and harvested.

Have a read of this article from a while back on the BBC, for example, handily titled "Here's how climate change will affect how you eat." There are loads of similar articles knocking around, but rather than the some of the more apocalyptic ones, it offers a rational, science-backed discussion of the very real problems we could be facing.

It's not certain that foodstuffs like avocados, chocolate and coffee will go extinct, but climate change will make harvesting them more difficult and a lot more costly. The price increases will inevitably be passed on to us, the consumers.

Hipster-haters might laugh that bearded, flannel-sporting creative types can't afford their avocado toast, but will it be so funny when things like corn, fish and livestock are affected?

All joking aside, we could be in deep shit in the not too distant future, and it's up to us to act now.



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