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Minimalism mauled on the Guardian (and why I like it)


"I hate minimalism."

That was the opening line to this article on the Guardian the other day, so it was pretty clear from the off that the author wasn't a huge fan of minimalism.

Not only does she hate the hipster view of minimalism - "as with so many other social phenomena that insufferable white dudes have co-opted, this spiritual minimalism has essentially become yet another competition for who can be the best at whatever you’ve chosen, even if that “whatever” is literally “having less shit”" - she also derides it from an aesthetic point of view.

To be honest, I actually agreed with some of the things she said even though I thought her tone was equally as condescending as those she accuses of practising "minimalism as a secular kind of religion".

There are plenty of people who bang on about minimalism with a holier than thou attitude. They'll tell you that it's the best way to live and that you're a brainwashed capitalist for owning more than three t-shirts.

I'm not one of them, and neither did I stumble upon minimalism in "the past 10 years or so".

Let's be clear, simplicity and minimalism aren't new ideas - they've been around for centuries, millennia, even.

And there are lots of reasons why people lean towards minimalism and don't feel the need to blog about how superior it is.

Here are some of my reasons:


I like it

I love simple design. I think it's timeless, unobtrusive, and lovely to look at.

It's adaptable

It's easier to add than take away, so minimal design is much more flexible.

It relaxes me

I don't like untidiness or loads of jumble. When things are neat, tidy and in order, I feel much more relaxed.

It's easy

I mainly ride a single speed bike because I got tired of fixing gears - I just like to get on and ride.

I run in simple shoes because it feels much nicer (for me).

I tend to wear white shirts because they pretty much go with anything and look nice.

My designs are minimalist because that's what comes natural to me.


The end of the last sentence sums it up for me: simplicity and minimalism are what come natural to me. I don't try to force them on anybody and neither do I claim they're the best way.

They're just my way.


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