Kaibosh branding, identity and store concept by Snask
Is technology killing modern electronics design?

Great minimal logos from Japan: J!NS


Let's finish the week with another eyewear brand, following Kaibosh from yesterday. Back to Japan, though, and the rapidly-expanding J!NS brand (pronounced Jin's).

J!NS produces several lines of glasses, from everyday wear to sports and speciality frames, all at very reasonable prices. The simple, bold logotype uses an exclamation mark in place of the 'I' to create an instantly recognizable symbol.


The logo's pretty good on its own, but coupled with the products, visuals, photography, signage and packaging, it all makes a really strong, cohesive brand with a minimalist aesthetic.


As I said, the company is rapidly expanding and is opening shops around the world. I wear a pair of their glasses and highly recommend them.