5 tips to avoid being called a 'client from hell'
Vimar showroom by Studio Marco Piva

Problems with a client/designer? You might need design mediation


The amount of times either a designer or somebody hiring a designer has approached me for advice on communicating with each other made me think: design needs some mediation. That's why I now offer design mediation, which seems to be a unique service (so far).

I work as a designer and I've also hired designers on behalf of others, which gives me a rare perspective on the design process from both sides.

Whether you're a designer with a client from hell, or somebody hiring a designer who's not delivering, I can help smooth the process and get the best outcome for both sides.

Don't let miscommunication spoil a good working relationship. Get in touch now to find out more and hire me as your go-between: editor@storm-from-the-east.com


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