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New work: Logo design and strategy for Mika


Mika is a self-employed jewellery designer and maker based in Sendai, Japan. We've worked together before on her logo and I'm very happy to say that she approached me again to refresh it and work on her strategy.

The logo

Mika was looking for something simple and flexible, with a reference to her name. The design is an abstract "M" which can be altered to, for example, produce an abstract diamond/heart shape (see below) as Mika handcrafts mainly engagement and wedding rings with diamonds. It can also be reflected to create a standalone mark (as above).



Mika continues to get all of her business through word of mouth, local press and recommendations. She doesn't have a website and doesn't want one. I wasn't about to force her to have something she didn't want, so she's going to maintain her current strategy (she pretty much always has a 6-12 month waiting list), while providing a business/contact card to clients.

We discussed what to include on the card and agreed that the bare minimum best suited her style. This gives her and the client the option of simply writing information like telephone numbers, email addresses or any messages.


The result allows her to maintain her minimal aesthetic and stay true to her way of doing business.

Thank you, Richard! This is perfect. I'll always recommend you to people needing design or advice.

- Mika


Get in touch if you've got a project you think I can help with! editor@storm-from-the-east.com



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