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5 minute writing: New course & free trial

5-minute-writing-SFTEIt's been a while coming, but the 5 minute writing course for creative and business writing is finally here - and you can get the first module for FREE!

The 5 minute writing course is based on research that goes against conventional wisdom about learning.

Rather than setting aside a set amount of time in a specific place, then working on one skill, we retain information better when we mix it up and study for short bursts.

It's designed to maximize learning and creativity for those pushed for time, but doesn't provide shortcuts. You'll still need to put the work in, it's just designed and structured in a way to make it effective, rewarding and hopefully fun.

How it works

Connect the dots

The courses are based on creative connections.

The tasks are designed to stimulate your senses and imagination, resulting in greater creativity, retention and the perfect result for you.

A little, often

Perform small tasks, reviewing the results often.

Test yourself, track your progress, watch it all come together.

Mix it up

Forget sitting in front of textbook for hours on end.

Write, doodle, sing, shout, paint... Go out, do stuff, get excited. Have fun!


The first module - Getting to Know You - is available for FREE. Simply send us an email and we'll send it to you with further information.



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