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Act in good faith, or don't act

"Do not impose on others what you yourself do not desire."

- Confucius


It's very easy to give advice when you're not the one who has to act upon it.

It's easy to point fingers, find fault and blame everything and everyone else, but it's also incredibly hypocritical if you don't follow your own advice.

Have I fallen into this trap myself? Of course! We've all been full of good ideas for other people, but we may be reluctant to act on such advice ourselves.

I've sat down with people and pretty much forced them to write down plans to show that the mere act of putting pen to paper can spur even the most chronic procrastinator into action. I've told people that I've done this myself, neatly missing out the fact that on several occasions my 'plans' have gone on to gather dust on shelves.

Thankfully I recognized the error of my ways and changed. I've used my ideas for my own benefit and I've found things that work for me and noted things that work for other people. I've recognized that I'm able to offer good advice in some situations and back it up with evidence, and I've also recognized that there are many times when I've got nothing to offer.

This isn't a weakness - it's a massive strength in my opinion. When you can recognize this in yourself, it becomes a lot easier to give good advice, or at least advice that you've either implemented or would like to implement.

Or it can teach you to keep your mouth shut when you've got nothing constructive to offer.

The waters get a lot muddier when you offer advice on a professional basis, be it consulting, design, editing, health, teaching, safety or whatever. You're asking people to do things which could have a huge impact on their personal and professional lives, so you'd better be doing so in good faith.

If you don't want the thing you're promoting or offering, why should anybody else? What makes them so different to you? Why don't you want it?

If you're not acting in good faith, it's best not to act all.


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