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Sex in Kobe? Things to do with cheese? Welcome!

Occasionally, I like to have a gander at the ways people end up arriving at this site. It's not that I'm bothered about SEO or trying to cram my writing with key words that will bump up my page views, rather some of the searches seem frankly bizarre.

You see, some people arrive through looking for normal things like design, writing, Japan or one of the other things I actually write about. Some, on the other hand, make me scratch my head wondering how many pages they must have waded through before I popped up in the search results.

Here are ten of my favourite searches that brought people here recently:

- DIY mirrored ceilings

- What do camels eat?

- How to get chocolate off a dog

- Can you eat cardboard?

- Mysterious rash

- Sex in Kobe

- Books about sheep

- Ship that sunk with the shoes

- Things to do with cheese

- Rabbits and wood


Anyone have any idea what the ship that sunk with the shoes is all about?


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