Merry Christmas
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Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2013 (+ a new site...)

New website

Here's wishing everybody a happy and prosperous 2013.

Out with the old, in with the new

How did last year treat you?

2012 was a great year for me in many ways, not least of which was the birth of my second son. If you're wondering what the best job in the world is, I'd say being a dad takes some beating.

In terms of work, it was a bit slow. As is my wont, I flip-flopped a bit in the things I wanted to do, but I found myself being drawn back to the things I love, namely writing, design, education and how brands are built. These things fascinate me and I never tire of them. Strange, then, that it's taken me so long to realise it's these four things I should be focusing on.

That's why the site looks different and will be changing a bit more. The design reflects my love of minimalism, and hopefully accentuates the main things on the site. On that point, I'll be adding a few things:


1) Some essays. My blog posts tend to be a bit on the short side, which a lot of people apparently like. For those who like to read a bit more, and don't mind a bit of opinion, I'll be adding a new essay once a month on things like design, branding, marketing, education and whatever else is inspiring me or getting me in a flap.

2) Some helpful articles. Rather than just hearing me bang on about something, I'll also be sharing some (hopefully) useful advice and tips on building a brand, graphic and web design, writing and useful resources.

3) Inspiring examples of brand identity. I love brand identity design and development, so I'll be sharing what I consider to be outstanding examples - and why - for a bit of inspiration.

4) New products. If you've got cash burning a hole in your pocket, I'll be adding some things you can spend it on, including books and goods - all made by yours truly. My foray into product design trailed off a little after my son was born, but new stuff is on the way.

5) Podcasts. Some people seemed to enjoy my sporadic podcasting efforts, so I may well be punishing your ears with more this year.


That's enough to be getting along with. I hope you'll enjoy it and, as ever, feedback, requests, comments and suggestions are always welcome.

What have you got planned for 2013? Do share!


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