Flash: New Works by Mary Button Durell
Things change, yet remain the same

Fancy something with a bit of girth? A touch of leather, perhaps?


Here's the new product I've been banging on about for a while, and I'm really quite pleased with it (perhaps a little too pleased). It's called the Honmaki, and - to cut a long story short - it's a bookmark, with a difference.

Was it worth the wait? Of course it bloody was! Find out more, and see more, below.

As with everything I'm designing and making, it's come about through something I wanted or needed: I wanted an iPad sleeve, so I made the Tatami; I wanted a simple wallet for holding my cards, train pass and a bit of cash, so I made the Zen; and recently I wanted a bookmark, so I made this.

It's inspired by all the wrapping that goes on in Japan. Besides the ornate way that purchases are wrapped, wrapping is to be found on food, stomachs, trees and all manner of other things. Despite this, books have only received rather bland paper covers with the shop name on them.

Until now. (* cue drum roll*)

I therefore present the Honmaki (本巻き), which takes its name from the Japanese word for book (hon 本) and the process of wrapping/protecting things.


Let's face it, you can get a fancy bookmark with your name on it, but all you do is stick it in a book then lose it. The Honmaki doesn't just keep your page, it lovingly wraps your book and makes it look a little more stylish. It can be used horizontally (as shown above), with the string tied around the book, or vertically (as shown below) in the more traditional manner. You can even order a longer string so that you can tie a couple of books together.


So, as I said in the title, if you fancy something with a bit of extra girth - that is surprisingly soft and slips in easily - the Honmaki is just for you.

You can even get one for free! That's right, just send me an email at richard@storm-from-the-east.com telling me why you want one, and ten lucky winners will get one sent right to their door. You can even choose your colour: blue or grey. (More colours coming soon).

If you're not lucky enough to win one, stay tuned to find out how you can order one.


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