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Go shopping online at the SFTE store

Click here to visit the store

We've opened an online store using Big Cartel to make it easier for you to order goods. Please have a look, mention it to your friends, and spend like there's no tomorrow! ;-D

Shipping costs will be added soon for those ordering from outside Japan. For those in Japan, it's free!


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We live in Tokyo and help people make and market great brands.
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Our blog covers stuff we like, such as branding, design, language and more. We hope you like it, too. If you'd like to share something, write to us at:

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Hello. storm from the east is about branding, design and communication. We live in Tokyo.

If you're stuck on how to improve what you've already got, you want to start something new, or you're sick of seeing people doing worse work for more money, maybe we can help.

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From our workshop we help people understand their business better and make everything run much more smoothly. We help with design, marketing, language and more.
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