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South Tyrolean Alps by Lukas Furlan

» Culture

South Tyrolean Alps by Lukas Furlan1

Beautiful. Loads more here:

South Tyrolean Alps by Lukas Furlan2

When your beloved project beomes Frankenstein's monster

» Design, Work

Heavy misfortunes have befallen us, but let us only cling closer to what remains...

We've talked about letting go of projects dear to us, but what happens when the people they're designed for are afraid of them?

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Anarchy, book design and a surprisingly good read

» Anarchy, Books, Design

In a previous job, my work for a few months was choosing books I wanted to read, buying them, then reading them. Although I was reading at my desk rather than settled into a comfy chair with a nice cup of tea (or a pint of beer), it was pretty cushy as work goes.

One of the books that caught my eye was The Dispossessed by Ursula K Le Guin. I use caught my eye in the very literal sense here because I read the book based solely on the cover and I'll happily admit that if I'd seen any of the other covers, I'd have avoided it like the plague.

Here are some of the covers in question:

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The curiosity miracle

» Work

"It is a miracle that curiosity survives formal education."

Albert Einstein


How do you explain a lack of curiosity in creative industries?

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Typewriter art

» Art, Culture


I used to love my typewriter, and I want one now, in a similar way to preferring real books over electronic ones. They're more tactile, so I feel more like I'm actually doing something.

Anyway, that mini rant is my way of saying that Design Observer has a brilliant article about typewriter art, and some of the images are wonderful. Coming (back) soon to a Starbuck's near you.

Ainoa branding by Bond

» Branding, Design


Beautiful branding and signage by Bond.

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Worldpay branding by SomeOne. Oh my.

» Branding, Design

Worldpay is a payment processing company, which sounds rather unsexy, but they're apparently awfully good at what they do. They asked SomeOne to rebrand them, and here's the result.


The thing that looks like a globe is actually called a loxodrome, which I think is an awesome word. Apart from that, the logo is a bit forgettable. I don't think the loxodrome and wordmark tie together very well, but look at the custom alphabet SomeOne came up with.


Now that is absolutely gorgeous! For me, it makes the wordmark look like an afterthought and I would have used perhaps a slightly modified version of this to render both the wordmark and the loxodrome (I'm going to be using that word a lot today).

Really, I could look at that alphabet and the accompanying icons all day long. They're just so lovely. Here are a few more for you.



Attract even more attention

» Books, Work, Writing

I wrote Attention! The art of creating attention-grabbing press releases because I was being asked a lot about press releases, and because I received and edited lots of very bad ones.

Thanfully, lots of people have bought and enjoyed it, but I've been asked to expand it beyond press releases to promotion in general, which is what I'm working on right now. The idea is to look at look at creating targeted promotional and marketing campaigns which attract the right kind of attention from the people you want to take notice.

That being the case, once the new book is finished I'm thinking of removing Attention! from sale because a lot of the stuff will be repeated and it's pointless buying both books.

So, if you want a copy of Attention! in its present form, you can still get it on Amazon for only $2.99. Bargain!

The importance of images in brand presentations

» Branding

When new brand identities are rolled out, it's customary to plaster the new look on a variety of objects, whether related to the company or not. That's why you'll see logos plastered on tote bags, pens, mugs, t-shirts and all manner of other stuff, to give people an idea of what it's all going to look like in real life.

It's best to use products that fit the company, like pens for a stationery supplier or t-shirts for a sportswear manufacturer. And it's really, really important that if you're going to choose locations, they should be the company's premises.

Which brings me on to the picture below, which shows how the new look for Brazil's postal service, Correios, will look (presumably) on their offices.


The signs look okay, they've been lined up well enough, and everything looks rather slick.

The problem is, it's clearly an Apple store.

Oops. If you're going to use images, use them carefully.

Using stories for your brand

» Branding, Writing

People love stories. That's kind of why books sell so well.

Marketing experts tell you to use stories in your promotional materials and I'm not about to disagree. They add personality and interest to what can otherwise be turgid prose.

But they need to be done right. There's really no point in just whacking a story in every email you send out, every page on your website, or in every post you write.

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