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Shigeru Ban + VAN: housing for Nepal

» Architecture

Following the devastating earthquake in Nepal, Voluntary Architects' Network (VAN) and Japanese architect Shigeru Ban have teamed up to provide housing for those affected.

Ban, who began creating temporary housing following the Kobe earthquake in 1995, will work with VAN to create housing in three phases: emergency, transitional and permanent.

For more information, and to support the project, visit:



Finding value in the useless

» Culture, Sports


So, climbing, no, it doesn’t do much. And on a day where there’s so much pain in the world, so much loss, so much sadness, and so many material needs, it’s easy to see it as simply worthless. But it’s exactly on days like today that the rewards of climbing are there for all to view — in the selflessness with which climbers on Everest are helping others, in the outpouring of support coming from the outdoor community and industry, in the knowledge that our commitment to Nepal and its people won’t end when the world’s attention turns elsewhere, as it will all too soon. Some people might not think there’s value in that, but I do.

A very good article by Steve Casimiro on Adventure Journal.

Embracing science and design

» Creativity, Design


Throughout history, it’s been proven over and again that if you want to be truly innovative, reaching across the divide between the sciences and the arts is the starting point for triggering the boldest ideas.

~ Tim Brown

I never considered myself scientific, nor particularly arty. At school I spent tons of time doodling and thinking about all sorts of stuff, mainly with my head in the clouds. Not many lessons or subjects really engaged me.

Even so I was told to choose between art and science. I reckon most of us are shoved into choosing a side when we're still figuring things out, exploring our options and trying to make sense of stuff. I wanted to study loads of things: English, business, design, history, geography, architecture, law, medicine...  I still do.

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Norway's National Parks branding by Snøhetta

» Branding, Design

Snøhetta Norway's National Parks

Snøhetta has designed yet another beautiful brand identity, this time for Norway's National Parks.

The visual identity is built on the concept of a portal...which symbolizes the transition between two dimensions; the traversing between the cultivated and the natural.

Look at these maps:

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Alison Killing: There’s a better way to die, and architecture can help

» Architecture, TED Talks

Okay, not the cheeriest subject, but this is an interesting talk about death by the appropriately-named Alison Killing.

In this short, provocative talk, architect Alison Killing looks at buildings where death and dying happen — cemeteries, hospitals, homes. The way we die is changing, and the way we build for dying ... well, maybe that should too. It's a surprisingly fascinating look at a hidden aspect of our cities, and our lives.

Sanford Shapes skateboards

» Design, Sports

Sanford skateboards

Beautifully designed, hand crafted skateboards.

MESH Project

» Culture, Design


Electric dominoes! At least that's what I saw at first.

Apparently MESH, by Sony, is a "creative DIY platform that lets you make your own inventions in just minutes." I'm hoping that includes being able to make electric dominoes.

藤原さくら - Walking on the clouds by Sakura Fujiwara

» Happy, Japan, Music

We haven't had any music for a while and this has been making me feel springy. Walking on the clouds is taken from Sakura Fujiwara's new mini-album à la carte, released here in Japan a couple of days ago, and I think it's ace.

Swirl by Simin Qiu

» Design, Design for a difference, Green Designs


Swirl by Simin Qiu isn't only beautifully designed, the patterns it creates help to conserve water. See more on Behance.


» Happy Monday


We're busy planning our magazine, some new projects, and a few microadventures. If you don't know what microadventures are, go and have a look here!

Last week I did a bike ride in torrential rain, which I haven't done in quite some time. Being blasted by wind and rain is, let's say, 'refreshing'.

Happy Monday: I run to live

» Fun, Happy Monday

Sophie Radcliffe

I loved the article I Run to Live by Sophie Radcliffe on the Sidetracked website. I'd also love to run near Mont Blanc someday. For now, enjoying a view of Mt Fuji on my runs isn't exactly a bad alternative.

Introducing Field Notes

» Field Notes, Studio, Writing

A fresh start

We've talked about making a magazine for ages and now we have: Field Notes.

The idea was to make something that we'd love to read, which seemed difficult at first as our interests span design, food, sport, cooking, bikes, crafts, music, books, survival tips, writing, fashion, language, nature, decluttering, illustration and loads more besides. Then we figured that's exactly the kind of thing we'd love to read - and other people agreed.

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For every solution there's a problem

» Branding advice series, Inspiration, Writing

Criticizing is easy, and so is using negative language.

The worrying part is that you could be using wording with negative connotations without realizing it. You could be implying that there's a problem (a negative) by saying that you offer solutions (a positive). Sadly, this could put potential clients subconsciously on the defensive and affect the dynamics of your working relationship.

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±0 Earphone series イヤホンシリーズ

» Design, Japan, 日本語, 音楽
±0 Earphone series イヤホンシリーズ ±0 Earphone series イヤホンシリーズ





±0 have introduced new budget earphones based on traditional Japanese colours. ±0 website.

Kenji Ekuan 1929–2015

» Design, Japan


Hugely influential industrial designer Kenji Ekuan, whose iconic works include the Kikkoman soy sauce bottle, the Komachi Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and the Narita Express train, has died aged 85.

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